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  • Multicast Traceroute (mtrace) uses IGMP protocol extensions to allow "traceroute" functionality for multicast
  • Paris Traceroute claims to produce better results in the presence of "multipath" routing.
  • Scamper performs bulk measurements to large numbers of destinations, under configurable traffic limits.
  • tracefilter tries to detect where along a path packets are filtered.
  • Tracebox tries to detect middleboxes along the path
  • traceiface tries to find "both ends" of each link traversed using expanding-ring search.
  • Net::Traceroute::PurePerl is an implementation of traceroute in Perl that lends itself to experimentation.
  • traceflow is a proposed protocol to trace the path for traffic of a specific 3/5-tuple and collect diagnostic information.
  • Stockholm traceroute/traceflow is a multipath-aware traceroute in pure Python, with browser visualization based on vis.js.
  • fbtracert is a multithreaded traceroute variant written in Go. Its main purpose is to locate loss in multipath environments.

Traceroute Servers

There are many TracerouteServers on the Internet that allow running traceroute from other parts of the network.