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You can upload multiple root CA certificates simultaneously to CAT. On all supported client OSes, all of them will be installed and all will be marked trusted. This enables CA certificate rollover without a flag day: User devices which were configured with an upcoming new root CA ahead of time will then not even notice the change of server cert from old to new trust root (so long as the Common Name of the server certificate remains unchanged during the rollover).

Almost all CAT-support client operating systems support multiple trust roots. There is only one fraction of CAT-supported client OSes which does not support multiple root CAs: Android versions < 7.1. For those, due to an API limitation we are not able to do anything about, only one root CA will be installed; the API also cannot install any intermediate CAs at all. To On the client OSes, all root CAs will be installed and all will be marked trusted. The eduroam CAT Android App, however, will only install one certificate and can thus not be used to support CA rollover. Please use the geteduroam App instead. Or you can isolate Android users while giving everyone else multiple trust roots early,  in this case you could can create a different profile (see next section) just for Android and only load the desired root CA into that profile). Android 7.1 finally got its support for multiple trust roots; the eduroamCAT app will support that in a future update.Given the update situation on the Android platform, it is naive to think that the unsupported root CA rollover problem will wither out in anything less than five years.  There is unfortunately nothing we can do about it.

Overriding IdP-wide Settings