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Table of Contents

For students / researchers / teachers (i.e. eduroam users)

How to get eduroam on your laptop or other mobile device

Exactly how to configure your laptop or other handheld device for eduroam will depend on a) which device(s) you are using and b) which equipment your school / university / college is using.

If you know that your school / university / college does provide eduroam, please ask the IT staff for support with setting it up on your laptop or other devices.

If you are not sure whether or not your institution provides eduroam, the National Roaming Operator for your country may be able to help with your enquiry. To find out more, follow the linked maps from

For a list of devices that are compatible with eduroam see here: (INSERT LINK TO TO-BE-CREATED page)

For IT Managers / staff in universities, colleges, research institutes or schools (i.e. institutions)

How to deploy eduroam on site / campus

How to deploy eduroam at your event

How to provide eduroam helpdesk support to users

For IT Managers / staff in (potential) National Roaming Operator organisations

How to deploy eduroam nationally

How to deploy eduroam on site

How to deploy eduroam at your event


eduroam setup: Technical Documentation

If you're looking for technical advice about deploying eduroam in different situations, or for advice and materials that could help you / your organisation to ensure the greatest number of your customers / users know that eduroam is available to them, please use the links below to find the appropriate information.

User Group

Tasks for user group

I am a student/ teacher / researcher (Users)

End-user information

I am an IT manager / staff member from a university / college / school etc. (Institutions)

Setting up eduroam on site

Support for end users

I am an IT manager / staff member from a (potential) National Roaming Operator organisation

Setting up eduroam on a national level

eduroam Operations Support Services

Access to most of the eduroam Operations Support Services is restricted to authorised National Roaming Operator (NRO) personnel (a.k.a. "federation operators") and their registered eduroam Identity Providers (IdPs) and eduroam Service Providers (SPs). Some services are available to the general public though. In the list below, the following prefixes are used to indicate access level

  • OPEN - parts of the service are available to end users and the general public
  • INST - parts of the service are restricted to eduroam IdPs and SPs
  • FED - parts of the service are restricted to eduroam NRO personnel

Obtaining Privileged Access to eduroam Operations Support Services

List of eduroam Operations Support Service elements

eduroam database

eduroam infrastructure diagnostics

eduroam statistics

eduroam CAT


the eduroam logo is a registered trademark of the GÉANT Association

The technical information on these pages has been provided and updated thanks to eduroam experts from a number of organisations. Likewise, the advice and materials that have been provided to assist you in raising awareness of your eduroam service have been produced by a group of marketing and communications experts from European national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) and the pan-European organisation GÉANT. This work-in-progress is part of the GÉANT (GN4-2) project, which is funded by many NRENs and by the European Commission..


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