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You can immediately add yourself as an IdP admin for each IdP in your NRO by using the "Add/Remove Administrators" dialog box. For federation NRO administrators, the dialog box has an additional button "Take control of this IdP". By simply clicking this button, you will instantly become IdP administrator of this institution. Most notably, you do not need to send an email invitation to yourself; the process completes instantly.


UI-less Automated Management: the Admin API (2.0)

As a federation NRO administrator, depending on the number of IdPs in your federation, you may find it cumbersome to add institutions IdPs interactively. Or maybe you already have a customer self-service management system where authorised IdP admins could self-enroll without you being in the middle.


  • Creation of a new IdP
  • Creation of a new Profile for an IdP
  • Listing and Adding administrtators of an IdP
  • Managing user populations in For eduroam Managed IdP, managing user populations inside IdP profiles

Getting API access

The CAT Admin API requires the federation NRO admin to be in possession of an API key. The API key is a long random string which needs to be used when executing API actions. The key is also bound to the federation; i.e. you can only create or query IdPs in your own federation with it.

API keys are distributed from the eduroam Operation Operations Team to federation admins NRO administrators on email request. Please contact eduroam Operations for your Admin API key; API keys from version 1.x continue to be valid for version 2.0.