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The web presence of eduroam Managed IdP is


The federation NRO administrator interface of eduroam CAT and eduroam Managed IdP are largely identical. The remainder of this document will refer to both as "the toolset".

Managing my


National Roaming Operator

For users with the federation NRO management privilege, the toolset provides a dedicated web interface which allows federation administrators them to

  • invite a new IdP to use eduroam CAT
  • add new representatives to existing IdPs
  • delete representatives of existing IdPs
  • take control over an IdP
  • manage the relationship between an IdP in the toolset vs. an IdP in the official eduroam database

All of these functions are accessible after logging into the toolset with an account with the federation NRO operator privilege. With such a user account, a new button will be displayed in the personal overview page: "Click here to manage your National Roaming Operator". NB: if you are a NRO administrator, but do not have a privileged account yet, please see the guide to eduroam Operations Support Services for NRO administrators.