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An AARC Guidelines identifier MUST be assigned to all versions of the BPA, to all technical recommendations that pertain to the BPA, to all policy guidance that pertains to Infrastructure proxies and consortia of service providers or IdPs, and for specifications that should be adopted or implemented by the AARC peer organisations. It MUST be assigned to all document that will be published, and MAY be assigned to project deliverables and milestone documents that have value as guidance.

Assign numbers and review/Number assignment, review, and edit status here :

Document numbers can be assigned by the PMT members. Everyone can comment and suggest improvements (e.g. to the abstract or status).A workable AARC management team members.

A document template for those using MS Word is also attached to this page (it actually uses document properties correctly so can be indexed). For non-project documents, drop the "Contractual Date" (up to ..."Lead Partner") bit from it, since for guideline documents it does not make sense. Do keep the copyright and EC funding tag line!