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Welcome to the AARC wiki

. This space is meant to share all internal documents that are relevant for the AARC partners.

The wiki is organised in two session: a private space where to share internal documents and a public space, where WPs can exchange technical information to support theri daily work.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Project Coordinator Licia Florio ( or Sigita Jurkynaite (

Mailing Lists - for general information - for all financial information (under creation)

WPs mailing lists:

Technical Annex

During the Grant Agreement preparation, the EC asked for clarification to the Technical Annex. The final version of the Technical Annex (PDF, Word) was submitted on 12th March 2015. Note that this version does not have all the tables due to the requirements for the online submission.

The FINAL version of the proposal as submitted to the EC and as can be downloaded from the EC submission site.
The DRAFT Technical Annex section of this wiki contains the various version of the proposal that led to final one.


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The AARC project (current funding runs from May 2016 to April 2019) aims to provide policy and technical guidelines to allow R&E scientific collaborations (referred to as research collaborations or research infrastructures) toenable federated access to their services and to inter-operate with each other. For simplicity we will refer to the previous AARC project as AARC1 and will instead use AARC for the current project.

We will often use the general term infrastructures to encompass both research collaborations and e-infrastructures.


AARC works concentrates on some key areas, namely:

  1. Design a blueprint architecture to facilitate the support research collaboration/research infrastructures to deploy interoperable and secure AAIs. Check the Techical Work Package for more information.
  2. To provide policy guidelines to those research collaboration and e-infrastructures that want to deploy an AARC compliant AAI and to support service providers to connect to such an AAI. Check the Policy Work Package for more information.
  3. To develop training modules aimed at research collaborations and resource providers within research and e-infrastructures to enable them to deploy AARC technical and policy results; training aimed to raise awarness on the FIM key aspects may be provided upon request of AARC research collaborations. Check out the work Training and Outreach Workpackage for more information.
  4. To support research collaborations participating in AARC to deploy an AARC compliant AAI, to pilot cross-infrastructure use cases and to.  validate policy frameworks and technical components of the proposed integrated AARC blueprint architectures in production infrastructures. Check out that Policy Work Package for more information.

Outreach and dissemination will complement the above work. During the first months the project has defined a dissemination strategy to ensure that key messages are promoted consistently throughout the AARC project.

To achieve this the project brings together 25 partners including national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, libraries, and research and education e-infrastructure.

Although funding is only available to project partners, AARC welcomes anybody who is interested in providing feedback to the AARC work.

AARC Dashboard

Find out what the AARC teams are currently working on, via the AARC Dashboard


If you have any questions about the project or you are interested in getting invovled please do not hesitate to contact the Project Coordinator Licia Florio ( or .


Check the AARC calendar to see when various groups meet:

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