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  • provide a common baseline set of criteria for acceptable use and terms and conditions for the professional use of IT infrastructures for research globally – and thereby ease the trust of users across infrastructures: services within an infrastructure have a common framework describing the behaviour of users coming from multiple communities;
  • facilitate a presentation format that allows necessary privacy notices (in Europe for GDPR compliance) to be presented at the same time and remain easily available thereafter;
  • support services with varying levels of support and quality guarantees;
  • provide for augmentation of the baseline AUP with community and infrastructure-specific terms and conditions
  • be applicable to both ‘community-first’ and ‘user-first’ AAI membership management services.
    In the conventional ‘community-first’ model, the AUP is shown to the user when registering with their research community. The model here referred to as ‘user-first’ presumes that the user first enrols in a generic, potentially multi-tenancy, membership management service (MMS), and within that service petitions membership to one or more of the research communities hosted within the MMS.

Guidance on the intended use of this Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use (AUP) text.


  • Privacy Notice - information about the processing of their personal data together with their rights under law regarding this processing
  • Service Level Agreements - information about what the user can expect from the service in terms of quality such as reliability and availability
  • (Optional) Terms of Service - additional requirements or information which does not naturally fit within the AUP, PN and SLA policies. (e.g. a requirement to cite a sponsoring body in publications or the assignment of Intellectual Property rights.)

Development information

The original draft text of the baseline AUP is available as a Google document here - WISE Baseline AUP template v1.2. (Please see the stored Version History for the recent evolution of this text.)