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2nd & 3rd July 2019, Dublin, Ireland

SIG-PMV is the Special Interest Group on Performance Monitoring and Verification.

SIG-PMV focuses on performance monitoring and verification topics from both a research and operations perspective, and in identifying and establishing best practises for NREN networks and the campuses connected to them.  SIG-PMV activities are open to all interested parties within the GÉANT community (NRENs, universities, research organisations, etc) as well as the international organisations it collaborates with, e.g., ESnet, Internet2, user communities, etc.

eduPERT and its associated knowledgebase currently sit under the SIG-PMV umbrella.  One topic for this meeting will be the future of eduPERT.

This meeting is the sixth meeting of the SIG and hosted by HEAnet in Dublin, Ireland, over two half days on 2nd and 3rd July.

The meeting is back-to-back with the 17th STF meeting in Dublin, at a very nearby venue.

Remote Participation

For remote participation, use the following options:

Browser: (no login required)
H323/SIP: 1335943@
Skype For Business:

The browser has a screen share function for remote presenters.


The meeting will be hosted at HEAnet.

The nearest airport is Dublin Airport, with many flights from European destinations.

The easiest way to get from the Airport to the venue is the Dublin Bus Airlink, 747 and 757 routes, which between them run every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. 747 stops, 757 stops. The journey should take about 20-25 minutes. A single ticket is €7, a return ticket €12.

To get these buses: at terminal 1, leave departures via the left hand door, and cross the road; at terminal 2, go through the tunnel directly in front of you, down the stairs, and go to the stop for Airlink 747/757. The nearest stop to the venue is North Wall Quay (IFSC) - directions to HEAnet, directions to Hilton Garden Inn.

(These are the green buses; the blue Aircoach buses also stop in the city centre, but further from the venue.)

Note that the STF meeting, which takes place immediately after the SIG-PMV meeting, is in a different venue a few minutes walk away.

Hotels Information

The closest hotels are:

Hilton Garden Inn, Custom House Quay

Spencer Hotel, North Wall Quay

Slightly further, across the bridges, but a bit cheaper:

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Registration is now open - Register here!!

Note that the 17th STF - Dublin, July 2019 follows this meeting and you need to register separately. The STF is in a different venue, a few minutes walk away.

Agenda (times are Irish Standard Time, GMT+1 )

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019

TimeWhat's happening
13:00-13:30Welcome, round table introductions - The SIG-PMV Steering Committee

SIG-PMV charter, goals, and review of scenarios and tools - (PDF- Tim Chown, Jisc


What's New in OpenNMS 2019 - (PDF) - Craig Gallen, Solent University, UK


BGP monitoring - (PDF) - Thomas Schmid, DFN

15:00-15:30Tea and coffee break

perfSONAR 4.2 - (PDF) - Ivan Garnizov, DFN/FAU


The Service Analysis and Network Diagnostic (SAND) Project - (PDF) - Shawn McKee, University of Michigan (remote)


ESnet's Experience (so far) with Streaming Network Telemetry - (PDF) - Sowmya Balasubramanian and Bruce Mah, ESnet (remote)


Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

TimeWhat's happening

WiFiMon - (PDF) - Nikos Kostopoulos, NTUA, Greece


Kubernetes and microservice monitoring - (PDF) - Lukasz Lopatowski, PSNC

10:15-10:45 Tea and coffee

eduPERT history and future - Ivana Golub PSNC, Kurt Baumann SWITCH, Tim Chown, Jisc

  • eduPERT in previous GÉANT project (GN2-GN3plus, GN4-3) projects - (PDF) - Ivana Golub (10 min)
  • eduPERT during GN4-2 - (PDF) - (Document) - Kurt Baumann (10 min, remote)
  • eduPERT - discussion - what’s next - all

Wrap up, Summary and Next Steps - The SIG-PMV Steering Committee

...and provide feedback.



13:00-17th STF - Dublin, July 2019