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- create a reusable deck of slides out of the current teaching material. - find out if and how some the current material can be translated into online self learning courses.
Day 1
With those two goals in mind, please start reviewing the Roland's OJOU course material (please note that some of the presentations would probably be updated during this week): You might also want to check a more limited course on OIDC (an unofficial spin-off of the OJOU course) that me and Andrea Biancini delivered last year:
Day 2
Time being our friend, here is the agenda for the second day: - creating an independent website for collecting all the OIDC federation stuff. plus some informative non technical writings about the proposed federation standard. - start defining the content for informative and not too technical writings abiout the proposed federation standard (the current draft [1]). - technical corner: OIDC different federation profiles.


By invitiation. List of participant:


GÉANT HQ Amsterdam
Hoekenrode 3
1102 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Date & Time

Start: May 15th  2018 around noon
End:  May 16th 2018 early afternoon


Useful links

Airport to GEANT

  • Take the train to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA  (towards Utrecht/Nijmegen or Utrecht/Venlo). Trains run roughly every 15 minutes and it will take around 15 minutes from the airport to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA.
  • The (new) GÉANT office is opposite the Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station (on the other side of the football stadium)


GÉANT has arranged corporate rates with the 3 hotels for GÉANT visitors, which are nearby the GÉANT offices.

3* Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena                              
140 euro per room per night including hot breakfast and wifi, excluding 5% city tax

3* Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam Arena Towers              
130 euro per room per night including Continental breakfast and wifi, excluding 5% city tax

4* Holiday Inn Amsterdam Arena Towers                             
155 euro per room per night including full American breakfast and wifi, excluding 5% city tax

Other options:

On top of metrostation Wibautstraat, appr 10 minute ride with the metro to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train/metro station.  

More information / organisation

Maarten Kremers - - Taskleader Next-generation T&I
Davide Vaghetti - - Subtaskleader OIDCfed