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eduroam hotspots

Your eduroam user account will always connect you to eduroam hotspots and you can expect that to work with a high quality of service. The Terms and Conditions (a.k.a. Acceptable Use Policy) that apply to your user account are communicated to you by your eduroam Identity Provider. In addition to those, the hotspot you visit may have additional local Acceptable Use Policies which you can typically find at the hotspot's home page. The more restrictive of the two applies.

Third-party hotspots

In addition to the use on eduroam networks itself, your Identity may have configured your account and device to connect as well to hotspots from third-party providers. When you connect to these networks, the Terms and Conditions of the respective third-party provider apply. The following roaming agreements exist and may be pertinent for you:


Connections to OpenRoaming hotspots are subject to the OpenRoaming Terms and Conditions.