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titleRARE project brief description

RARE (Router for Academia, Research & Education) is an ongoing effort under the GÉANT 3rd programme which focus on determining if a routing software platform solution can fit R&E use cases. The project aims to integrate different pieces of software related to these building blocks:

  • control plane: RARE uses FreeRouter under the hood used as the control plane component
  • data plane: P4 is used to describe the behavioral model of RARE data plane
  • and communication interface between the control plane and data plane: Interface compliant to P4Runtime specification ensure this function

In order to validate the code produced by the RARE team we deployed a P4 Lab distributed aming various European countries:

  • NMaaS is used as the platform to supervise all the P4 swicthes switches deployed in this Testbed.
  • We will see in subsequent articles how NMaaS platform proposition value is helping the RARE team to deploy and use Network Management Application.
  • NMaaS flexibility concept, enabled us to add supervision tools following KISS approach.
  • The NMaaS platform is step by step is becoming a turn key solution for P4 switch network monitoring and supervision.