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  • Call forwarding
  • 5 Meeting rooms that are reachable via PSTN and SIP. These have an optional PIN code, which can be set by the first participant.
  • 4 public PSTN numbers that are hard wired to 4 specific SIP accounts, which end up being part of our 4 conference numbers on the SURFnet MCU
  • Call recording via *1, this puts WAV files in a web accessible directory
  • Remote pickup (*42)

Proposed set-up

We would like to get rid of the server and go for a hosted solution. This would then allow us to get rid of the 4 KPN ISDN lines.
Since we actively use IPv6, any hosted solution should ideally be accessible via IPv6.
The SwissVoice phones should be replaced by something new and better. Since we have good experience with SNOM, this might be good option?
SNOM also has IPv6 support, and they seem to have all the devices that we need: fixed phones, DECT phones, conference phones.


  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording, with better recording delivery options
  • Remote pickup (*42)
  • Meetingrooms + hard wired PSTN-to-SIP account for use with SURFnet MCU


  • IPv6 transport for traffic as well as management (we might assist in setting this up)
  • Encrypted transport. Dunno if this is possible yet, but all traffic (calls and management) should use encryption (TLS SSL, whatever is available).

Phones should have an easy to use history button, and it should be able to redial numbers from the history (no weird stuff with missing leading zeroes etc).

We are open for any suggestions and ideas regarding this set-up.