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VM requirementsWeb Frontend VM
Description of usagePresents the UI to eduroam NROs and eduroam SP operators, for management of their Wi-Fi deployments. The VM also triggers configuration changes on the RADIUS servers via the R Config API.

Exposes a dedicated pair of (IP, UDP port) to each connected eduroam SP. VM accepts incoming RADIUS traffic from eduroam SPs and forwards requests via RADIUS/TLS to the production eduroam infrastructure (preferably with a NAPTR lookup target, alternatively via an NRO/ETLR backup link).

Each VM can handle up to m=500 eduroam SPs.

Number of VMs with same specification1

n (Pilot: n=2; Prod: n=


2scale-up with number of eduroam SPs connected)

For production, the VMs need to be in different locations for redundancy. 

Hardware requirements (CPU, RAM, disk space)1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB disk space1 CPU, 512 MB RAM, 50 GB disk space
Network connection requirements



IP addressing requirements (IPv4, IPv6, public route)IPv4 and IPv6 publicly reachable, static addresses2 x IPv4 and 2 x IPv6 publicly reachable, static addresses (one mgmt IP, one production IP)). Production IP must be stable when transitioning between Pilot and Production to avoid forcing eduroam SP reconfiguration.

Naming requirements1 (DNS maintained by eduroam OT) (DNS maintained by eduroam OT)