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edugain OT

  •  new checks for pyFF breaking down in the aggregation process and identity federation will be warned
  • close to finalizing the checks for all URLs provided by the federations linking to the policy documents:
    • quite a number are unreachable or with other technical issues
    • interesting cases: chain HTTPS configuration errors
    • the OT will forward them to the Support Team — later on we can decide to automate common issues
  •   EARC: Tomas Budvytis has access to all the source and the VMs.


We need to consolidate the development for the checking tools in a bigger team. So far we had a one-man development team for EAC/EARC/ECCS. We could start bringing together the EARC and ECCS developers.

Davide Vaghetti will organize a call to start the process.

Seamless Access

  • Good answer from the community in terms of adoption
  • it is difficult to track the user of the Limited version
  • there are some issues due to the lack of an IdP filtering function, for example when an organization has the same display name in both eduGAIN and OpenAthens:
    • the request to add IdP filtering feature needs a push from the Federations
  • Marina Adomeit will talk with SA team to organize an InfoShare about the service.

F-Ticks pilot

- Solve the privacy concerns about F-ticks - talking with GEANT about the privacy policy
- Use Business Development to try to gather new federations joining F-ticks pilot
- Give the F-ticks pilot another year.


  • The development of FaaS v2 is progressing:
    • Currenty working on the FaaS-Pyff docker instance
    • Dariusz Janny will send the links to the FaaS V2  repositories to the edugain-service mailing list.