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  • How to deploy and promote eduroam for events

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eduroam for temporary events


If your event is taking place always in the same country, you should contact the eduroam National Roaming Operator (NRO) for your country to negotiate the RADIUS uplink for your WiFi equipment. You can get in touch with the responsible NRO by using this contact form ("My organisation wants to connect to eduroam", and then your country) - make sure that you mention that you are seeking a temporary connection as Broadband Service Provider only.

If your event takes place in varying locations, eduroam Operations can provide you with a "catch-all" RADIUS server uplink. Please use the same contact form as in the previous paragraph, but select "My country is not in the list...".


See the following chapter ("eduroam SP") for further information regarding the exact setup of your WiFi or wired ethernet equipment, and your RADIUS server.

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eduroam SP