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Surprisingly many users do not have a clue which operating system they are using. eduroam CAT thus includes an operating system detection and automatically suggests the fitting download. There is a "All platforms" link which takes users to the full platform selection if they so wish. A screenshot of the download area is below. Try it out yourself: hop over to, and select any organisation on the download page!

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There is also a lightweight download page for resource-contrained mobile devices. It also includes the operating system detection.


  • general information about your institution (e.g. logo, approximate location, name) Image RemovedImage Added
  • helpdesk contact details (mail, phone, web)Image RemovedImage Added
  • media properties (e.g. SSIDs, wired support)Image RemovedImage Added
  • RADIUS and EAP detailsImage RemovedImage Added
To the largest extent possible, all the information is optional. If you choose not to let us know all the details we will still create installers, but they just won't contain as much information as they could. Please consider giving us as much information as possible.