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11 March 2013

Dear TCD pilot participants, all,

This is my regular e-mail update on the progress of the TERENA Trusted
Cloud Drive pilot. You can always take a look at the latest updates at

My last update was in December 2012, my apologies for the long radio
silence. The actual figures of the pilot are as follows:
- The total number of platform test/dev installations has raised to 9
- 46 user accounts (+0) are enabled on the TERENA pilot service at
- The cloud-pilot mailing list has 62 members (+1).

The small increase in these figures during the last 3 months means that
the interest generated by the pilot within the TERENA community has
reached its maximum and stabilised around those numbers.

*Major milestones*

As it was reported at the last TF-Storage meeting in Berlin (take a look
at my slides
the pilot has reached several major milestones:

1) CESNET (Jakub Peisar) has done the performance/scalability tests of
the TCD platform, the results and conclusions can be found at

2) GRNET (Christos Loverdos) has implemented the TCD integration with
Pithos+ back-end. The code has been contributed to the TERENA Github and
the work was successfully demonstrated to TF-Storage in Berlin

3) RNP (Gui Maluf) has implemented the OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
S3 API to the TCD platform. The code has been contributed to the TERENA
It is planned to integrate TCD (via the OpenStack S3 API) to
RNP's cloud storage infrastructure.

4) CESCA (Lorenzo J. Cubero) is progressing with the Jclouds API
implementation to the TCD platform. Progress will soon be reported.

These software developments and platform integration efforts allow us to
focus on the service development and validation aspects of the pilot in
its last month (until April 2013)!

On behalf of the community, TERENA very much appreciates the work
committed by these people and their organisations.

*TCD platform directions*

Note that Maarten Koopmans (, the lead developer of the
platform, informed TERENA that he's going to consolidate the code base;
better Scala, less dependencies, smaller code size are expected. The
main Github branch will be closed however the TERENA Gitghub fork
remains open.

Concerning the features and functions of the TCD platform the following
strategic direction has been envisaged by TERENA:
- TCD should focus on its main asset; maintaining trust and privacy by
separating metadata and encryption keys (kept in a trusted place) from
the storage data (exported to back-end storage).
- TCD should not compete with the feature-rich front-end applications
available on the market but broker them to various storage back-ends.
- Therefore, TCD should be a thin layer (controlled and operated by
NRENs) separating/interfacing end-user application domains and cloud
service provider domains; considered to be a "storage middleware".
- The integration of TCD should be considered with both end-user
oriented storage applications and back-end storage cloud provider

*Use cases and service validation scenarios*

In line with the strategic direction outlined above, the pilot will
further explore:

A) the service brokering scenarios made available by the TCD-Pithos+ and
the TCD-Swift integrations; different NREN storage infrastructures
and/or public cloud storage back-ends can be brokered down to user
domains in a trusted, privacy-controlled way.

B) the service integration scenarios with feature-rich end-user storage
applications; both community-developed and commercial solutions (such as
OwnCloud and PowerFolder) will be investigated for potential integration
with TCD functionality to preserve trust and privacy.

That's it for now! I'd like to encourage everyone to contribute to the
service development and validation aspects of the pilot in its very last



17 December 2012

Dear TCD pilot participants, all,

This is my regular e-mail update on the progress of the TERENA Trusted
Cloud Drive pilot (the last one in 2012) however, you can always take a
look at the latest updates at

The last pilot was on 14 November 2012, the minutes can be
found at

Since then, FCCN (Portugal), CESNET (Czech Rep.) and RNP (Brazil)
managed to install a service platform instance for experimental purposes
at their locations. The total number of platform test installations has
raised to 7. 43 user accounts are enabled on the TERENA pilot service The cloud-pilot mailing list has 62 members.

Thanks to CESNET, the Installation Guide - maintained by the community -
has been significantly improved with useful fixes, tips and tricks.
Please, take a look at

The various software tests (performance, security, etc) are on-going at
CESNET and PSNC. Feel free to offer any software testing effort to the

The voluntary software developers have been working on the platform
compatibility improvements, namely:
- Lorenzo (CESCA) on the Jclouds back-end API
- Gui (RNP) on the OpenStack Swift integration
- Christos (GRNET) on the Pithos+ interworking
I would like to *encourage everyone* to post questions, updates, useful
hints on the mailing list of the pilot.

TERENA has created an Github account (as virtual organisation) and forked CloudDrive as a project. Developers
can be added as members of the organisation administered by TERENA. The
main CloudDrive branch is still maintained by Maarten and we try to keep
up the consistency as the development efforts are converging.

There are plans to initiate a dialogue (and potential partnership) with
the Helix Nebula project as well as the
forthcoming GN3+ project could related (SA7) activity. This is still in
embryonic phase, we have to see the potentials and the level of uptake
of TCD in the community.

TERENA has recently received some interest from commercials willing to
provide various cloud services to the R&E community. TERENA TF-Storage
group had a discussion with Joyent
where TCD was mentioned as a potential service platform brokering
Joyent's IaaS offerings to the community. TERENA will continue the
discussion with Joyent in early 2013.

Keep up the good work in 2013!

Season's greetings,