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  • The subscriber-admin's guide to the TCS-personal galaxy

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In order for you to be able to configure your institution as a subscriber a number of things must have been set-up:

  • A NREN admin of your NREN must have configured the portal and added your subscriber and you as an admin according to The NREN-admin's guide to the TCS-personal galaxy.
  • If the identity federation of your country does not follow a hub and spoke model, your IdP must export the right set of attributes. Please consult with your local NREN admin about the applicable mapping.
  • Depending on the portal which you are trying to configure, your IdP must export special entitlement attributes. Those attributes are:

If the mapping is (halfway) correct and you have been added as a subscriber admin, you will see a menu entry like the following in the menu on the left hand side: