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  • Extended Valiation (EV) Certificates

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Extended validation certificates can be requested on this URL:!PlaceOrder?reseller=y&ap=TERENASCS&product=337

The form doesn't say whether or not field are required to fill in. This only becomes visible after submitting, in which case an error is generated. Unfortunately going back clears all the entered values...

Only the following values appear to be required, as was found by trial and error:
Details of Product(s)

  • Domain name
  • Webserver Software

Login Credentials

  • Username
  • Password

    The Username and Password do not seem to be used anywhere else in the process, but they do need to be set and be unique. Just type something really random, to make sure that the username does not already exist. Password does not matter.

Address Details

  • Email address
  • Company Name
  • Address 1
  • City Town
  • State / Province / County
  • Country

EV: Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Registration

  • City / Town
  • State / Province / County
  • Country
  • Date of Incorporation or Registration

EV: Other Details

  • Business Category