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  • Delivering live video streams to YouTube over IPv6

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The live web cam which is located on the Konginsplein Koningsplein in Amsterdam has been running for a decade in various shapes and forms.


This page describes the technical set-up.



Gliffy Diagram
namewebcam live setup


Configuring the camera

The camera is an Axis Q1755, which is mounted outside our office on the 4th floor of Singel 468 in Amsterdam. 


  • Create a dedicated user on the Axis (System Options -> Security -> Users) that has only viewer permissions, and assign a password to it. Since it is a machine, you can go wild with use pwgen -s 64 1.
  • Make sure the RTSP server is enabled (System Options -> Network -> TCP/IP -> Advanced). The default port is 554.
  • Audiop Audio setting (Video & Audio -> Audio Settings): Half-duplex, AAC encoding, 16 KHz, 64 kbit/s.
  • Enable audio (Video & Audio -> Video Stream -> Audio). This sounds obvious, but if you deselect this, Google will report "NO DATA".

Configuring the streaming server

The server is a VMware VM called, which runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and is located in the SURFnet datacenter in Amsterdam.