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7 March
LUNCHLunch will be availabe at the venue from 12-13:00   
13:00-13:05Welcome, introductions and agendaLonneke Walk (SURFnet - Chair)
& Laura Durnford (GÉANT -

PSNC welcome & marcomms overview

Damian Niemir (PSNC)Damian's slides as pdf


13:35-14:20NREN UPDATES
 HEAnet NREN updateFi CoyleFi's slides as pdf 
 CSC brand journeyMinna LappalainenMinna's slides as pdf 
14:20-14:40TNC17 communicationsManuella Abrams (GÉANT) - VCManu's slides as pdf 
14:40-14:55COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS   

 Show off time and / or materials market
Open Space session in which to tell us about your successes and / or show us your recent promotional materials.

HEANet national press article

DeIC new designs

CESNET 25th anniversary

Belnet crisis communications update

SURFNet interactive pdfs


Fi Coyle

Gitte Kudsk

Ilona Trtíková 

Laetitia Lagneau

Lonneke Walk





Gitte's slides as pdf
Ilona's slides as pdf


Lonneke's slides as pdf


Prepare for GPDRGDPR!

The General Data Protection Regulations take effect in May 2018. What is it and what do we currently know about it?

Part 1) focus on implications for NREN services - presentation & discussion

Part 2) focus on implications for marketing - presentation & discussion 

With Andrew Cormack (Jisc), Lonneke Walk (SURFnet)

Andrew's slides as pdf

Lonneke's slides as pdf

17:30-17:35Day summaryLonneke  
17:30-19:00Hotel check-in & chill out Perhaps you'd like to take a look at an update from RENATER (not presented) 
19:00-19:30Visit PSNC 'Future School Laboratory' in city centre, very close to Mercure & Sheraton hotels slides re Future Lab 
19-30 - EVENINGNo pre-arranged dinner, but we can walk together to a city centre restaurant for anyone who wants to. slides with information about the evening 
8 March
09:00-09:15ARRIVAL, EMAILS   
09:15-10:20GÉANT Project updates
The community portal (15 mins)
GÉANT value proposition (15 mins)
CONNECT magazine (15 mins)
The interactive map (10 mins)
IaaS framework update (10 mins)

Paul Maurice (GÉANT)
Christian Gijtenbeek (GÉANT)
Maria Ristkok (EENet)


Paul's slides as pdf

Maria's slides as pdf


Challenge us to your challenges (open space)

 Your name here?

10:50-11:05COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS 
11:05-11:25How can we attract and engage young talent?Magda Haver (GÉANT)Magda's slides as pdf 
11:25-12:15Post-it battle - brainstorm towards a community workshop on crisis management and communications
Charlie van Genuchten (SURFnet) Charlie's slides as pdf 
12:15-13:00LUNCH & EMAILS   
13:00-14:15Visit to PSNC's laboratories at CBPIO   
14:15-14:25Welcome & introductionsLonneke Walk (Chair SIG-Marcomms)
& Martin Bech (Chair SIG-MSP)
14:25-14:45European Open Science Cloud

Matthew Scott (GÉANT) via VC

Matthew's slides as pdf 
14:45-15:25Portfolio managementShaun Cairns (GÉANT)Shaun's slides as pdf 
15:25-15:40COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS   
15:40-16:45Marketing a GÉANT-and-NRENs service portfolio - how do we need to rpesent it right now?
 What is the joint portfolio about? Introduction (5-10 mins)Annabel Grant (GÉANT)Annabel's slides as pdf 
 Potential implications for NRENs service portfolios and how to present / promote them - breakout discussions:
  •  Reaction – is there any action to do in their NREN
  • Can you identify specific action point in the NREN – perhaps around KPIs?
  • Further questions for further discussion in the community. (top 3 priority bullets)
16:45-17:50Marketing a GÉANT-and-NRENs service portfolio - looking to the future?   
 What is being done to gather requirements for the future service offering 3-5 years from now? (intro)Annabel Grant (GÉANT)Annabel's slides as pdf 
 Points of view (selected NRENs will be asked to give their perspective - followed by group discussion)


SURFnet's slides as pdf

DeIC's slides as pdf

ARNES slides as pdf

17:50-18:10Funet2020 new network - collecting data on customer needsHarri Kuusisto (Funet-CSC)Harri's slides as pdf 
18:10-18:35Discussion - survey design needs   
18:35-18:40Joint meeting wrap upLonneke & Martin  

19:00- ....


Go to restaurant close by the venue -
Dinner kindly provided by PSNC

Late check-in if required.

 slides with information about the evening 
9 March
 SIG-MSP meeting - you are welcome to stay to attend this meeting too. See the SIG-MSP agenda and registration.