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title1st GA notes

*WP6* - Security and trust


First deliverable in M6 is our official participation in the EC's Open Data Pilot. We have to explain who we comply and contribute. We should also give our roadmap to a creating and maintaining a secure and trusted Up2U ecosystem.


We have to actively promote federations and AAI. Identity provides at schools and the controlled attribute release process towards applications and services is the way to secure the students privacy.


IPR, open access and fair use policies must be investigated. Open content vs. personal data. There is a difference between finding something and accessing something. Also knowing who is accessing something.


We have to make sure that we fully comply with the new EC Personal Data Protection regulations stepping into force in 2018.


WP6 Deliverables:

D6.1 Study of security, privacy, identity management and legal requirements in the digital schools'enviroment using a cloud based approach

Up2U_Deliverable_6.1_ORDP.pdf (final version submitted to EC)


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