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Operational Practice StatementsOperational Practice Statementfinal revision neededglobal level opeations
SAML profile
Operational Practice Statement v1Operational Practice Statementshould be considered closedSAML specific operations. This document reflects the current status of the service
Operational Practice Statement v2Operational Practice Statement (tmp)final revision neededSAML specific operations.This is the document edited with the new SAML profile in mind.
Aggregation Practice Statement v1Metadata Aggregation Practice Statementshould not be worked on any moreAggregation as currently performed
Aggregation Practice Statement v2Metadata Aggregation Practice Statement v. 2final revision neededAggregation with the new SAML profile in place
Best Current PracticeBest Current Practicepreliminary draftFinal document to be reviewed and accepted by the SG. This document must be kept as "living".

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