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15:45 CEST

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (we won't be using Adobe Connect)
16:00 CEST

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

  • Open Actions.
  • Membership updates and information from APAN44.
16:15 CESTRevision of the eduGAIN Policy Framework
  • Constitution v3 (effective from 1 August 2017)
  • Decision on the SAML WebSSO Profile (effictive from tomorrow 1 September 2017) - Nicole Harris
  • Grace period for current eduGAIN members
16:40 CEST

Requirements gathering for GN4-3 - Ann Harding

16:50 CEST

Any other Business

Future SG Meetings

  • GN4 Symposium, Hungary - 3-4 October 2017
  • Internet2 TechEx - 15-18 October 2017
  • Virtual Meeting in October 2017
  • DI4R, Belgium - 30 Nov & 1st December 2017
  • Virtual Meeting in December 2017
  • eduGAIN Town Hall - end 2017/early 2018
  • Forums People Attend? TNC, RDA, Other.
16:55 CEST

Summary, Actions and Close (or we're running over time).

17:00 CEST

Meeting Close


Current status - New members and candidates: See and work on progressing new members is underway.

The Chair welcomed Saeed Kadimi from IRFed/Iran to his first meeting. IRFed joined along with ARNaai/Algeria and CIF/Cyprus in the last round of voting.

This meeting is broadcast from APAN44 where Simon Peter Green/SGAF and Brook Schofield have been attending the APAN Task Force on Identity and Access Management stream. Their is strong representation from Hong Kong Access Federation (HKAF) who have handed over their paperwork to join eduGAIN as well as CARSI, the CERNET backed identity federation. The APAN44 identity stream has been very strong with more that 40 participants. Because of the local time Terry Smith from the AAF won’t be joining us.

Open Actions

The three (3) open actions have been addressed.

ACTION20151013-02Investigation by the eduGAIN OT on the duplication of @scope in metadata via a monitoring standpoint and a recommendation of what to do about this.
    This is covered by the eduGAIN SAML Profile under discussion at todays meeting.

ACTION20170629-01 Christos to provide a wrap up email to the Steering Group list to solicit further input before returning to eIDAS.
ACTION20170629-02 Steering Group members to look thought the proposal documents and consider if there is consensus on how to interact with eIDAS.


Discussion started with moving membership application discussions onto the more accessible edugain-discuss mailing list. The reason for this is that sometimes questions are directed to the applicant and their response is caught in the eduGAIN-SG moderation queue until release. This can slow the conversation, particularly for federations in various timezones or night owls that want to respond to the conversation. 

The proposition is that the assessment and discussion will be posted to the eduGAIN-Discuss list, allowing the free flow of commentary between the Steering Group members and the applicant federation. Utilising a feature of the Sympa mailing list all eduGAIN-SG subscribers will also be on eduGAIN-Discuss (you are free to unsubscribe from eduGAIN-Discuss and this won’t affect your subscription no the eduGAIN-SG mailing list).

A formal notification that this discussion is happening (and reference to the email thread/archive) will be sent to the eduGAIN-SG mailing list. The announcement of a candidate, start of review, start of voting and conclusion of the voting needs to be on the eduGAIN-SG mailing list. With the exception of the “start of voting” this should be mirrored on the Discuss list.

Chris Phillips stated that advice should be given to applicant federations that there will be open discussion and active, sometimes critical peer review. This will necessitate the need to provide clarity on which feedback given should be addressed before vote e.g. opinions of Steering Group (eSG) members carry significant weight and that other interested parties on eduGAIN-Discuss should feel free to provide feedback but it won’t necessarily need to be addressed. The view of the Steering Group takes priority.

This method received broad support, particularly from InCommon & CAF and should be trialled to determine its effectiveness vs noise to the application process.

Revision of the eduGAIN Policy Framework


Give feedback on existing services and developments at 2 contributions so far!

Suggest new ideas at 5 suggestions so far!

The White Paper is to be published by December 2017 for review by NRENs which will determine what work goes into the GN4-3 proposal.

Any Other Business

While discussing the joining process for candidates the point was raised that there are either existing members that have outstanding issues flagged on the technical website and whether the Steering Group should address these points, such as Voting-Only Members that have never participated (and it is unclear their timeline). This was initially raised in relation to the nascent federation CIF/Cyprus but is equally applicable to other candidates, members and participating members.


The Chair will determine the size of the problem(s) before actually implementing something and will add an agenda item on this with issues and possible remedies.

ACTION 20170831-01 Chair to ask all “voting-only” members for the timeline for their participation and provide input to the next meeting.

Final item, which can be addressed as part of the GN4-3 requirements gathering was a discussion on improving overall health of entities and the role of eduGAIN. Currently not considering blocking federations records, but some interest in increasing the amount of information about health provided and support around improving it.

Future meetings

  • GN4 Symposium, Hungary - 3-4 October 2017
  • Internet2 TechEx - 15-18 October 2017
  • Virtual Meeting in October 2017
  • DI4R, Belgium - 30 Nov & 1st December 2017
  • Virtual Meeting in December 2017
  • eduGAIN Town Hall - end 2017/early 2018