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ObjectiveEnable CI/CD by automating the build&delivery process

This practice concerns mainly the implementation and verification (testing) phases of the project.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM2.6. Build, delivery and deployment
Prerequisites to applynone
  1. Use or adapt existing verified approaches
    1. Focus on activities that are frequently repeated, do not change significantly or require significant effort
    2. Document the chosen approach and changes you made to it
    3. Provide a manual on how to use the automated process
    4. Assign responsibility for maintaining the build&delivery process
  2. Use appropriate tools
    1. Prefer tools that are already available on the market or could be easily adapted
    2. Consider support provided by the tool vendor or the organization
    3. Maintain the automation scripts like regular code
  1. The build, delivery and deployment process is subject to frequent changes
    1. The automation scripts are changed frequently, which may require extra effort to maintain them, or they could become fragile and defect-prone
  2. Automation concerns irrelevant activities (not-crucial, instable, etc.)
    1. The automated process still requires manual effort
  3. Implement an automation process without monitoring/alerting
Related practicesBP-B.3: Track the changes in relevant items
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the observation by the SwM team.
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