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ObjectiveChoose the best available option for implementing a requested change.

This practice concerns mostly two phases of software development:

  • Crucial: maintenance phase
  • Important: development phase, if new features affect existing code

The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM

5.3. Assessment of modification options

Prerequisites to applynone
  1. Identify available options for implementing the change requests
    1. Consider constraints and risks resulting from technology, user preferences and likely future directions of the project development
    2. Involve key programmers into this process
  2. Perform a multi-facet evaluation of available options
    1. Identify evaluation factors. Consider contexts of the project and the change request
    2. Involve the team into the evaluation process
    3. Consider applying SWOT analysis to choose the preferred option
  1. Not all risks and opportunities have not been identified
    1. The decision can be suboptimal
  2. The set of identified options is not complete
    1. The decision can be suboptimal
Related practicesBP-B.1: Monitor and assess available technologies
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the observation by the SwM team.
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