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      WHAT WISE offers?



  • Trusted global network of infrastructures

(networking, F2F, socialise, building global trust)

  • Guidelines, templates
  • Security policies, standards

(Sirtfi, Snctfi, …)

  • Best practices
  • Solutions to common problems


  • Avoiding repetition
  • Influencing behaviours




























HOW do we deliver value?


  • Listening to the community needs, collecting information on their security issues
  • Dividing tasks into well-defined working groups
  • Creating tools for sharing and dissemination

(website, wiki, mailing list)

  • Disseminating our work

(presentations, advice, clearly written documents)

  • Organising meetings, workshops, collaborate with other initiatives
  • Providing trusted environment for sharing sensitive information as equals
  • Exchanging ideas, sharing experience and new perspectives
  • Discussion:

-           thorny security issues that no one would touch

-           issues that are assumed as facts by others

-           answers to common questions

  • We argue! (in a good way)





























WHY do we do what we do?


  • To promote and improve security in the e-infrastructure communities
  • To enable science and support safer collaboration
  • To avoid duplication and reinventing the wheel
  • To find common security solutions to common problems together
  • To provide an independent home for activities that are not housed elsewhere
  • To build links and supporting better interoperability