Join WISE for a full day session at the NSF Cybersecurity Summit in Alexandria, Virginia, USA on August 21st! 

The day will cover: 

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Session Description:

About WISE:

The WISE (Wise Information Security for collaborating Einfrastructures) community was born as the result of a first workshop in October 2015. It was agreed then that collaboration and trust is the key to successful information security in the world of federated digital infrastructures for research. WISE is an international community with participants spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

WISE provides a trusted global environment where security experts from general and research domain-specific Infrastructures can share information on topics such as risk management, experiences about certification processes and threat intelligence. With participants from e-Infrastructures such as EGI, EUDAT, GEANT, EOSC-hub, PRACE, XSEDE, OSG, NRENs and more, the main aim of WISE is to promote best practice in Information Security by developing trust frameworks, template policies and guidelines for e-Infrastructures.

The actual work of WISE is performed in focused working groups, each tackling different aspects of collaborative security and trust. This year we have 3 new working groups which are currently starting their work, two of which will lead sessions during this training event.

Target Audience:

We invite security representatives from E-Infrastructures and Large-Scale NSF facilities to participate. This includes operational security individuals and policy makers. Some of the topics will be training sessions with hands-on exercises while others will be management/planning/brainstorming sessions, to assist the working groups in the production of new template policies and best-practice documents.


We will have a full day with the following agenda, combining informational and interactive activities:





Introduction to WISE (David Kelsey)

What is WISE all about? What are we working on? What are the various working groups?

Introduction slides


Operational Security threat intelligence and communication between Security Operations Centres (SOCs), e.g. use of MISP etc. Part 1

(Romain Wartel and David Crooks)

A training session together with hands-on experience.

Introductory slides

Training VM

VM Instructions



Operational Security threat intelligence and communication between Security Operations Centres (SOCs), e.g. use of MISP etc. Part 2

(Romain Wartel, David Crooks and Adam Slagell)

A training session together with hands-on experience.


SCI working group. (Uros Stevanovic and David Kelsey)

Topics include:

  • A Policy Development Kit to help Cyber Infrastructures meet the requirements of SCI version 2 (and the Snctfi Trust Framework too)
  • A common-shared baseline AUP
  • What are the risks to CyberInfrastructures resulting from Data Privacy issues and the new EU GDPR?

A mix of training aimed at assisting CyberInfrastructures to prepare Policies to meet the requirements of SCI version 2 and brain-storming on the new proposed baseline AUP and the approach to EU GDPR

We may be able to compare the WISE/SCI/AARC2 policy kit with other such activities (Trusted CI for example) and see what we can learn from each other.

Alignment of AUPs (slides)

SCI Backup slides (not shown on day - but for info)

Draft WISE Baseline AUP v1 text

Policy Development Kit

EU GDPR in Federated AAI

GEANT Data Protection Code of Conduct v2

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in Federated AAI


Security challenges for high-throughput data transfers (Ralph Niederberger)

Working towards a best practices document on issues related to this topic

Security challenges for PRACE high throughput data transfers

19:00DinnerLet's aim to eat dinner together somewhere close!