RUDE is a package of applications to generate and measure UDP traffic between two endpoints (hosts). The rude tool generates traffic to the network, which can be received and logged on the other side of the network with crude. The traffic pattern can be defined by the user. This tool is available under


The following rude script will cause a constant-rate packet stream to be sent to a destination for 4 seconds, starting one second (1000 milliseconds) from the time the script was read, stopping five seconds (5000 milliseconds) after the script was read. The script can be called using rude -s example.rude.

1000 0030 ON 3002 CONSTANT 200 250
5000 0030 OFF

Explanation of the values: 1000 and 5000 are relative timestamps (in milliseconds) for the actions. 0030 is the identification of a traffic flow. At 1000, a CONSTANT-rate flow is started (ON) with source port 3002, destination address and destination port 10001.CONSTANT 200 250 specifies a fixed rate of 200 packets per second (pps) of 250-byte UDP datagrams.

-- FrancoisXavierAndreu & SimonMuyal - 06 Jun 2005 
-- SimonLeinen - 28 Sep 2008