(obsolete section) Appendix B: Access Points

This section describes the configuration of the Access Points:

These Access Points have been used extensively by JRA5 activity members, and so their configuration and
suitability for eduroam are well established.

B.1 Cisco Aironet 1200 Series example setup

The required configuration can be downloaded as a file fromhttp://www.eduroam.org/downloads/docs/eduroam-cookbook-scripts.zip. You must then amend the file as
indicated by the comments in the file, and then copy and paste the commands into the Access Point in
configuration mode (telnet or console access).

B.2 LANCOM L-54 Series Access Points

This series of Access Points offers a wide range of features for a mid-range price. One of the outstanding features in its price class is the ability to use ARP sniffing to determine a client's IP address even if it changes during a user session. Activating this feature fulfils the requirement for MAC to IP correlation from the confederation policy and obsoletes logging of DHCP leases.

The following steps are needed to set up eduroam on a Lancom L-54 or L-300 series access point. It describes the setup via the web interface and is current as of LCOS Version 8.0. The starting point of this tutorial is a factory-reset device, i.e. it is not configured at all and set up to its defaults.