eduroam setup: Technical Documentation

If you're looking for technical advice about deploying eduroam in different situations, or for advice and materials that could help you / your organisation to ensure the greatest number of your customers / users know that eduroam is available to them, please use the links below to find the appropriate information.

User Group

Tasks for user group

I am a student/ teacher / researcher (Users)

End-user information

I am an IT manager / staff member from a university / college / school etc. (Institutions)

Setting up eduroam on site

Setting up eduroam for events

Support for end users

I am an IT manager / staff member from a (potential) National Roaming Operator organisation

Setting up eduroam on a national level

eduroam Operations Support Services

Access to eduroam Operations Support Services

List of eduroam Operations Support Service elements

eduroam database web interface

eduroam CAT

A guide to eduroam CAT for institution administrators

A guide to eduroam CAT for federation administrators


® eduroam is a registered trademark of TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.

The technical information on these pages has been provided and updated thanks to eduroam experts from a number of organisations. Likewise, the advice and materials that have been provided to assist you in raising awareness of your eduroam service have been produced by a group of marketing and communications experts from European national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) and the pan-European organisations DANTE and TERENA. This work-in-progress is part of the GÉANT (GN3) project, which is funded by many NRENs and by the European Commission.

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