In this study we have surveyed the various sustainability models that could accompany a production deployment of the AARC CILogon-like TTS pilot system. This system and its close derivatives are being piloted in major RIs and e-Infrastructures, and can bridge the gap that currently exists between institutional user identities, R&E identity federations, and the non-web compute, cloud, and data services and brokering that use client certificates, such as those in EGI, PRACE, and cloud-based data transfer services.

This document is a draft for discussion, and should not be interpreted as a statement by AARC or any of its partners until is has been approved. We do invite comments to this document.


version 0.4 (7 May)Incorporated text comments by Wolfgang and Hannah
version 0.3 (14 april)Added multi-tenant master portal model where RIs outsource operations to a geneic operator, but themselves take care of the support fo the VO portals
version 0.1 (7 april)initial version (PDF and docx)