Could you provide more details on the programme content?

TIM programme is a mentorship programme. What we mean by that is that it aims to advance participants' careers and professional skills through a collaborate and -creative work on real-life projects. For this TIM participants (mentees) join T&I Incubator team (mentors) and work hand-in-hand with them on the current, live T&I projects. This -creative and dynamic context allows participants to develop their expertise in T&I field  advance their interpersonal skills, such as communication and influencing. To reinforce and support these learnings, GLAD team will offer to the participants Agile/SCRUM training and a communication skills training.  There is also a local mentor who can assist participants on their learning journey. ‘Learning by doing’ and ‘learning through doing’ represent the underlying ethos of the programme, therefore proactive attitude and growth mindset are an absolute must. 

Who can in this programme?

Any early career candidate nominated by a GÉANT Project NREN partner registered at a university or college in a GÉANT partner country or working in the NREN community. Participation happens through a paid internship at the hosting NREN, who will claim manpower from the GEANT project and pays the trainee.

How many candidates can NRENs nominate for the programme?

NRENs can nominate max 1 candidate for this programme.

What candidates should NRENs  look for?

Ideal candidates are last year's BA, Master and PhD level students in Computer Science, Engineering or other Technology fields with in computer networks who want to commit time and energy to learn and develop themselves beyond the basic university programme.

Which topics can you as an NREN get involved with?

The Trust & Identity Incubator addresses different topics in different work areas that are being announced before each new cycle. NRENs can get involved in the topics that speak to them. See also TOPICS2019.

How does the recruitment process looks like?

A six months' professional internship requires time and dedication and interest from all parties involved. Motivation is essential both for the student as for the NREN.  After  a positive review, the T&I selection Committee will invite the hosting NREN together with their candidate for an  interview to complete the recruitment.   

What do you need to send to GÉANT learning and Development (GLAD) to nominate a candidate?

A complete application includes a motivation letter of the hosting NREN and the candidate's motivation letter and CV. Send this to  

What will be your role as a host and mentor?

Your role as a mentor is to engage with your trainee and provide encouragement and advice during the programme and related events. Travel and accommodation to events are supported by the programme, and cost can be claimed following the normal GÉANT project claimant rules and procedures. 

What’s the programme timeline?

The programme runs in cycles of 6 months. The first cycle starts on 12 November 2019.

28 Jun -15 Oct: Recruit and nominate a candidate
12 November: start TIM programme and Internship
April: end
May: Training and preparation speaking events  
June: Participation in TNC20 programme

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