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IGTFOctober 2019

EGIMarch 2019SSC 19.03 (8)

Trusted IntroducerAugust 2019TI Reaction TestJanuary 2019TI Reaction TestRepeats three times a year

Campaign information

Campaigns can target different constituencies and may overlap. The description of the constituency given here should be sufficient for a human to assess if there is a significant overlap in community, it need not be a detailed description or a list of addresses (which would be a privacy concern since this page is public). Challenges can also probe to different 'depths': anywhere from just checking if a contact address does not bounce, to testing if the organisation contacted can do system memory forensic analysis and engage effectively with LE. The proposed rough classification is now:

See also for some background.

Please do not post sensitive data to this Wiki - it is publicly viewable for now.


PeriodOctober 2019
Initiator contactInteroperable Global Trust Federation IGTF (
Target communityIGTF Accredited Identity Providers

Target type

own constituency of accredited authorities
Target community size~90 entities, ~60 organisations, ~50 countries/economic areas
Challenge format and depthemail to registered public contacts
expecting human response (by email reply) within policy timeframe
Current phaseCompleted, summary available
Summary or reportPreliminary result: 82% prompt (1 working day) response, follow-up ongoing

EGI Security Service Challenge 6 (19.03)

CampaignEGI-SSC-19.03 (8)
PeriodMarch 2019us
Initiator contactEGI CSIRT (
Target communityEGI Federation members: service providers and selected user communities

Target type

own constituency of service providers
Target community size~70 organisations, ~14 countries/IOs
Challenge format and depth

simulated user-level system intrusion using (non-weaponized) crafted malware

expecting communications with federation CSIRT, log analysis and correlation, and forensic investigation

should follow established procedures and communications reponse deadlines

Current phaseCompleted
Summary or report

summary available upon request

description of challenge format and malware publicly available:

TI Reaction Test

CampaignTI Reaction Test
PeriodAugust 2019
Initiator contactTrusted Introducer Team (
Target communityTI Listed, Accredited and Certified Teams

Target type

R&E, military, commercial, government, e-infrastructure and national certs as per participation in TI.
Target community size363 teams (as at August 2019)
Challenge format and depth

Simple click link response to show that team has ability to respond quickly.  Team must have valid certificate to complete the response.

Current phaseCompleted
Summary or report

Results are available for participating teams only at: