In March 2006 IANA assigned the number 25178 as the Enterprise Number for TERENA.  In March 2020 this information was updated in the registry to reflect the change of organisation name to GÉANT.

GÉANT uses the Enterprise Number 25178 to:

OID tree assignments

OID tree assignments inside the GÉANT tree

.0 - Experimental

.0 will be used for experimental OIDs

.1 - SCHAC

The branch is reserved for SCHAC.

.2 - TCS

The branch is reserved for TCS, TERENA Certificate Service. In particular:

.3 - eduroam

The branch is reserved for eduroam.

RADIUS Attributes under the TERENA Enterprise Number 25178

Number  attribute-name     data-type 
10 eduroam-SP-Country  string
11 eduroam-Monitoring-Inflate  string

.4 - VOPerson

The branch is reserved for VOPerson.

OID Upper references