This page tells you how to get access to the TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive test instance deployed at TERENA Secretariat offices.

In order to access the web portal ( your federated account needs to be whitelisted.

1) Go to

2) Click "Authentication" and then "Test configured authentication sources"

3) Click "default-sp"

4) Select your home organisation or go to Guest providers

5) Log in with your home credentials

6) Tell us ( your "tcuid" value that will be put on the whitelist so you can access the service.

Note: If your account is white-listed and you still have problem accessing the service, please contact your IdP people and as them to look at the IdP configuration.

Be aware of the limitations

The TERENA pilot installation has the current limitations as follows:

Taking these limitations into account, about 20 test users can get access to the service!

Limitations are subject to change.

List of WebDAV clients






This video shows you how to access and use the TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive pilot service.