The live web cam which is located on the Koningsplein in Amsterdam has been running for a decade in various shapes and forms.

In all of these set-ups we used to run the actual content delivery systems ourselves, from our own networks.

The latest incarnation is a cloud-based set-up which uses Wowza Streaming Engine to relay a video stream to YouTube and takes advantage of the new Youtube Live features to deliver the content to users.

This set-up has several benefits over the systems that we used to run locally:



Configuration of the camera

The camera is an Axis Q1755, which is mounted outside our office on the 4th floor of Singel 468 in Amsterdam. 

The streaming server will request an RTSP stream, which is done over TCP port 554. So make sure the port isn't firewalled off.

Important settings:

Configuration of the streaming server

The server is a VMware VM called, which runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and is located in the SURFnet datacenter in Amsterdam.

It runs Wowza Streaming Engine software (WSE). We have a perpetual license for the software. The management interface is HTTPS/Apache.

Follow the instructions on and install WSE.

This howto explains how to configure WSE for YouTube live streams:

I had some trouble getting WSE to work properly in an IPv6-only environment, turns out you have to force Java to explicitly use IPv6.

See on how to do that.