Lists Plan




w/c 24/8/2015

  1. Test migration from Mailman

Dick Visser; Michael Haller; David Verdin; Linda Ness

w/c 24/8/2015

2. Move of Sympa VM from Prague to Vienna for resilience purposes (in progress)

Michael Haller; Implementation team;

w/c 24/8/2015

3. Anti-spam via Renater – speak to David about setting this up. Costs?

David Verdin; Dick Visser / Stephen Hunt


4. Speak to PMT to keep AL's up to speed

Linda Ness; Dick Visser

w/c 14/9/2015

5. Compare Mailman GN4-1 lists to make sure they match lists on Sympa, where applicable. Where they don't match contact the task leaders

Linda Ness

w/c 14/9/2015

6. Send email to all Task leaders letting them know what is going on

Linda Ness

w/c/ 14/9/2015 (after email sent)

7. Add task leaders as owners to appropriate lists

Linda Ness


8. User training (via a Showcase)

Dick Visser/Linda Ness/ David Verdin

5 Oct 2015

12 Oct 2015

19 Oct 2015

9. Sort out order for go-live:

  1. NA
  2. SA
  3. JRA




w/c 26 Oct 2015

10. Migrate the 'other' lists (not related directly to tasks) for GN4-1


w/c 2 November 2015

11. Migrate remaining lists from Mailman and Terena mail system, taking into account the spreadsheet with feedback from owners about whether the list requires to be migrated as live or simply available as an archive;



Outstanding issues:

'Connection' button - we have asked if this can read 'Log In'

Error Messages

Dick and Linda should receive notification when new lists are requested

archive importing

set up Dick with login to Sympa box (Michael has been asked)

Information that we want to disseminate: