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A short report by Mikael Linden

Update on the ELIXIR AAI training in Manchester 15-16 March. The “AAI Workshop for Service and Resource Providers” was part of the GEANT-coordinated AARC project and organized together with DARIAH (the ESFRI for arts and humanities) and ELIXIR.

The workshop consisted of two days and had 14 participants. In day one a representative of SWITCH (the Swiss national research and education network) gave a hands on tutorial on how to install a Shibboleth service provider server, which is a component commonly used by resource providers to integrate to a federated AAI. The participants had a VM running in their laptops, they installed the Shibboleth server in it and configured it to authenticate end users against the SWITCH test Identity Provider. SWITCH has used this concept in their hands-on trainings for years.

For day two there were two parallel sessions, one for the DARIAH community to focus on their AAI services and the other for ELIXIR. The ELIXIR session was given by me and my EXCELERATE AAI task co-leader Michal Prochazka of ELIXIR-CZ. During the session, the participants integrated their Shibboleth service provider to the test environment of the ELIXIR AAI’s proxy Identity Provider and to the Perun group management system. We also gave a general introduction on the ELIXIR AAI services and presented some ELIXIR AAI use cases (ELIXIR Intranet, ELIXIR beacon study for restricted access tier and EXCELERATE WP9 for sensitive human data).

Altogether 10 delegates participated the ELIXIR session. They were from

- EBI TSI (Steven Newhouse team) who is developing (1) a portal for users to deploy VMs in a cloud and (2) a dataset submission pipeline for EBI

- EBI EGA (Dylan Spalding team) who is planning integration to ELIXIR AAI

- ELIXIR-IT who want to integrate their Galaxy (Orione) to an AAI

- TeSS who want to integrate to ELIXIR AAI

- Marine metagenomics people from EXCELERATE WP6 who want to integrate Meta-pipe to ELIXIR AAI

AARC project is gathering feedback from the participants. At least the EBI TSI people were excited.

Mikael also wrote a blog post about the workshop

Short DARIAH report

The day 2 training on DARIAH AAI was conducted by Martin Haase from DAASI International (DARIAH-DE). There were only two participants, Miha Serucnik (who wants to federation-enable his service on historical data), and Alex Stuart from the UK Access Management Federation. This situation, although not intended, allowed for working more closely together and share the idea on DARIAH AAI more efficiently. There will be another Workshop on DARIAH AAI with hopefully more participants, see


 Feedback for AAI Workshop for Service Providers, Manchester, 15-16 March 2016 - Google Forms.pdf