The next opportunity to get together to share ideas, experiences and best practices will be on 12-13 October 2016, when there will be a meeting of SIG-MSP in Rome, hosted by GARR.

Registration is open: register!

Information about hotels, the venue and how to get there are all available via the GARR website.

This is the preliminary agenda, which still leaves a lot of room for your contributions!
If you have any agenda topic ideas please contact or add them into the agenda suggestions page.

12:00-13:00ARRIVALS, LUNCH AND EMAILSKindly provided by GARR   
13:00-13:10Welcome, introductionsMartin Bech   
13:10-13:30Host welcome & presentationFederico Ruggieri, GARR   

GÉANT Clouds session


 Ready for adoption: IaaS and other services - update and discussion (1 hour)Andres Steijaert (SURFnet) and Mandeep Saini (GÉANT)   
 European R&E cloud broker service - proposal and feedback (30 mins)Jan Meijer (UNINETT)   
15:00-15:15COFFEE / TEA / EMAILSKindly provided by GARR   
15:15-15:40Cost savings follow up : HEAnet value for money reportRobert Hackett (HEAnet)   
15:40-16:05Towards a joint e-infrastructure services portfolio?Annabel Grant (GÉANT)   
16:05-16:30Update on a possible user engagement task force TBCTBC   
16:30-17:00AARNet Salesforce CRM as a single pre-sale and post-sale activity chain
James Sankar (AARNet) TBC   
17:15-17:30Day wrap upMartin Bech   
19:00Social activity, followed by dinnerKindly provided by GARR   

Themed session - Sources of funding for projects and innovation
part 1 : internal aspects - how do we fund from within the community?

 GÉANT Community Programme optionsValter Nordh (SUNET) / Nicole Harris (GÉANT) TBC   


 Discussion: e.g. what is the lifecycle of innovation management? Mechanisms for moving activities through the GCP to NRENs, GÉANT or others.    
10:30-10:45COFFEE / TEA / EMAILSKindly provided by GARR   
10:45-12:15Themed session - Sources of funding for projects and innovation
part 2 : external aspects - how do we get funding from outside our community?
 Discussion: e.g. if NRENs get money from e.g. ICT programmes, how do we share the results and benefits?    
12:15-12:55Session 4 - lightning talks! Open call for 10-minute slots - 4 available!!
12:55-13:00Wrap up, next meeting, AOBMartin Bech   
13:00LUNCHKindly provided by GARR