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AARC2-JRA1.3A - Guidelines for Account Linking & LoA elevation in cross-sector AAIs




  • Define TOC and directions for AARC2-JRA1.3A

Discussion items

10minInitial discussionHow the work relates to the Task 3 Objectives as defined in the AARC2 Proposal.
 10minLoA elevationOut of what has been already defined we should add LoA elevation model, and Combined LoA elevation model. REFEDS Assurance Framework and AARC1/2 NA3 work  as reference. Ask also Mikael Linden to be part of the team.
10minUse cases for Account Linking

Use cases for Account Linking should be narrowly defined.

As for now, defined use cases are: eIDAS/eGOV-IDs, Enterprise/Private sector, Social identities.

5 minTeam definition

People willing to contribute to the work:

People cited as more than welcome to contribute:

Action items