Guidelines for registering OIDC Relying Parties in AAIs for international research collaboration


The most prominent protocol that should be supported along with SAML in the R&E sector is OpenID Connect (OIDC). OpenID Connect is becoming a widely accepted standard in both the commercial and the R&E sectors.

Relying Parties, or Clients, registration to the OP (OIDC Provider) is a fundamental part of the OIDC workflow, and most of all Dynamic Client Registration (1). Dynamic Client Registration is a powerful and effective way to enable new relying parties, but it has no attached processes to define the trust between the client and the OP.

OpenID Connect Federation 1.0 Draft 3 (2).



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14:30 CEST AARC2 JRA1.3 meeting2017-07-21 AARC2-JRA1.3B Meeting notes
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