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Due: end of August (project month 16)

Description (from the DoW): 

This Task will investigate the VO space and will provide guidelines for implementers, operators and users of such platforms. Moreover, this Task will focus on the challenges that environments with a multitude of Attribute Authorities (AtAuts) (multi-AA) impose on such platforms and will address issues that have a direct affect on the whole lifecycle of the VOs, such as account provisioning and deprovisioning, etc.

Description (from the calls):

This document investigates using VOs as a means of scaling user management for infrastructures.  The basic premise is that by interfacing with the VO instead of the users individually, better scalability is achieved.

Current status:draft

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  1. Shall we either remove the link given here or update to the link given in AARC Architecture#Deliverables.1 ?