CORBEL is an initiative of 11 new biological and medical research infrastructures (BMS RIs), which together will create a platform for harmonised user access to biological and medical technologies, biological samples and data services required by cutting-edge biomedical research. CORBEL will boost the efficiency, productivity and impact of European biomedical research. Specifically represented within AARC2 are BBMRI-ERIC, ELIXIR, INFRAFRONTIER and INSTRUCT.

Since AAI is not the 'core business' of CORBEL, they prefer having that part sustained by the e-Infrastructures. Therefore, CORBEL wrote a document with their AAI requirements and asked 3 e-Infrastructures (EGI, EUDAT & GÉANT) to respond with a proposal. It quickly became clear the best way to approach this respons was to submit a combined proposal, where each e-Infrastructure provides a part of the final solution.

This solution will be built and piloted within AARC2 SA1.


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