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Executive Summary

The AARC project activities have consisted of research of technology and interviews with the stakeholders to understand their requirements and their solutions. In addition to the information gathered in the first part of the project, the AARC consortium already had a large knowledgebase based on previous experiences at the beginning of the project.

This document summarises the technologies and solutions available to implement AAI, focusing on the software most common in the research and education (R&E) environment, which features are more likely to fulfil the use cases of the R&E communities.

Both standards and software implementing the standards are individually analysed, and at the end of the document tools and software are compared in tables to make easier for a potential user to choose which one best fits their use case.

The readers who are reading the document to choose one or few tools to implement their use case are invited to first check the comparison tables, and then use the information in section 3 to get more information about the software that suits their requirements.

The milestone does not select preferred solutions, since depending on the use case users or communities may choose different tools to implement their AAI capabilities. This document will provide an overview, hopefully covering most of the interesting aspects that can be considered to choose a software solution for AAI use cases, to facilitate the architectural design of AARC, and the development of AAI capabilities by infrastructures and user communities.

Existing AAI and available technologies for federated access in PDF

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