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Following the conclusions of the interviews to libraries' decision-makers, several main issues were identified. Among them, the need for simple and clear promotional materials that could be disseminated to librarians, explaining the concept of federated access, but with an special focus on the benefits that it can report to them. 

With this aim in mind, it was decided to develop a Fact-sheet with basic explanations on federated identity management, the benefits for libraries and end-users, as well as some recommendations for action and further reading. The objectives of this document are:

•  raise awareness among librarians/decision makers on the benefits of federated identity management
•  engage the library community in favour of federated access models.
•  disseminate AARC project and opportunities of support and collaboration

The document is structured in six parts, under these headings:

  1. What is federated access management?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Why is this important for libraries?
  4. Which are the benefits for end-users?
  5. How can libraries take the lead?
  6. What can the AARC project do for you?

The document has been formatted in order to be printed and published online at the AARC website so that it can be widely disseminated.


This work will be continued as this fact-sheet will be taken as a basis for a value proposition for federated identity management for libraries.

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