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LSC Pilot Description

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration along with the Virgo collaboration analyses data generated by the LIGO, Virgo and Geo600 detectors to search for gravitational waves. It enables collaboration between approximately 1000 researchers in 20 countries. Data, documents, and other resources need to be shared amongst many different combinations of groups of researchers. We use SAML and X.509 certificate technologies with a single internal Identity Provider.

This pilot will introduce an AAI architecture according to the AARC BPA. The pilot will also be used to move several service providers to make use of the AAI and therefore federated identities. We will use SATOSA for the SAML proxy and PyFF for metadata aggregation and discovery.

The project is deploying an IdP/SP proxy based on SATOSA. The IdP/SP proxy will be registered in the LIGO metadata and pushed up to eduGAIN. A number of SPs will be connected to this proxy.

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