1. Leader STFC - Ian Neilson on temporary leave of absence - new (to AARC) person to lead in his absence.
  2. Transformation of attributes through SP-IdP proxies. Not yet started. Survey to be started jointly with FIM4R - discuss in Montreal FIM4R meeting?
  3. Alignment of AUPs - to be done jointly with EGI SPG and others?
  4. Continuation of identity and attribute assurance work. REFEDS Assurance Framework to be consolidated and deployment in R&E federations promoted. Between Infrastructures, Assurance Alignment to be ensured with dedicated interoperability effort (based on REFEDS framework).
  5. Complex assurance use cases, e.g. BBMRI, to be analysed to establish extensions to the current assurance framework. Addressing needs of researcher identification when accessing bio-banks with human material. Implementation - joint effort with community and SA1.
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