Currently two main activities

  1. Work on two Community Engagement security policies, joint work with EGI Security Policy Group. Two F2F meetings: 8-9 June (Karlsruhe) and 5-7 July (Amsterdam) and then work on Google draft documents (to meet the requirements of Snctfi version 1):

    Community Operations Security Policy

   Community Membership Management Policy

2. Re-invigoration of FIM4R. Work on user survey (Hannah and team). To be finalised soon and tried with some communities before FIM4R in Montreal. Planning for the Montreal FIM4R meeting is underway: Monday/Tuesday 18-19 September - in conjunction with RDA 10th plenary.

Other activities

  1. Application of Snctfi through various engagement events. Logo has been produced (thanks GEANT!). DavidG - now housed on IGTF web.
  2. Cross-Infrastructure FAQ and training on SCI version 2 - being prepared for the WISE workshop at NSF Cybersecurity summit (Arlington, VA) on 15th August.
    WISE @ NSF Summit 2017
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